About me

As a child, I was super curious and very adventurous; it goes without saying that I had many injuries since I could not sit still. At that time, all my injuries didn’t seem to matter but as I grew older, both the pain and the disharmonies in my body became unbearable. Since I did not wish to spend my life on medication or undergo surgeries, I chose to work with physiotherapists, acupuncturists and healers. They all helped in a way but the relief they gave me was always short-lived due to the fact that the physical pain was rooted into deeper levels of my being.

I then began to work intensely with a strong therapist on my subconscious, conscious and unconscious. This work was highly spiritual and allowed me to see the physical body in a way that I never could before. I understood that the foundation of our physical health lies in our energy field, so I began to put it all together and little by little I developed a method that realigns every muscle, every bone and every other part of our body with its original position or proper function where it can have optimal health. In other words, I learned how to overcome all the physical injuries and hurts from my past, by slowly realigning every aspect of my physical body to its true, natural position and bringing it into its proper function. After this tremendous improvement of myself, I continued my studies on the human brain, the human anatomy, the positive effects of breathing techniques as well as many different physical healing methods.

The journey was long and at times difficult but the transformation was incredible. Eventually, I started experiencing physical freedom and live my life free of pain, I began to feel an inner strength like the one I had when I was a child. I was again strong, confident, optimistic and capable. Being in balance with my physical nature brings me youthfulness, being aware of my physical being brings me wisdom; both combined, bring me completion.

Truth be told, since I was very young I was always interested in three things; human health, human behavior and Mother nature. The desire to know more about these three things burnt inside me like a flame! Now, sometimes I think that it was that flame that pushed me to be so active and injured myself as a child so often, so that I may learn about human health, human behavior and Mother nature and finally become the adult I now am. SOMA Awareness® embodies all that I have learned, studied and experienced. SOMA Awareness® is the expression of my journey to health and it is my offering to my beloved clients.

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