Ilias Bazianos
Former professional MMA athlete / Plant based Chef

I have been a professional athlete most of my life and I have had multiple chronic injuries and high stress levels. I have tried many therapies throughout the years but nothing really worked for a long period of time. I’m a regular student of Katerina’s SOΜΑ Awareness and Yoga sessions for many years now and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. She keeps educating me in physical, mental and emotional level in order to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle and most importantly how to be able to maintain that in my everyday life. She guides me to bring peace and flow in to my movement, trust the wisdom of my own body and create an honest and tender relationship with it. She is amazing, passionate, extremely well educated and she actually cares deeply about each and every one of her students.

Lydia Felah
Physiotherapist/Pain management Specialist / Msc diploma Acupuncture

I have met Katerina, as my patient in my clinic a few years back. Since I have known her, she never stops educating herself and develop new set of skills! Soon enough, our roles changed and Katerina took care of me with so much love and tenderness. My first session SOΜΑ Awareness with her was amazing! By the end, I felt calmer, well rested and in deep contact with my body and soul. The most amazing fact was a shoulder issue that bothered me for many years and as a result my movement range was restricted. My shoulder retrieved its full movement range without pain in no time. Unbelievable, almost magical! Thank you, Katerina.

Lucia Vazquez
Yoga Instructor

A truly refreshing experience! Face Yoga with Katerina was definitely an unexpected discovery. Not only for beauty reason, since from the first session I felt my face renewed, but it freed my whole body as well. I found SOΜΑ Awareness and Callanetics also like a powerful tool to free, relax and align mind and body. Katerina is a really, really amazing teacher, transcending the screen with her natural kindness and savoir faire. Thank you from my heart.

Dr. Katerina Tsimaratou
Ph.D. Molecular Biologist

As a teenager, I was a professional athlete and high-level stress and injuries were an everyday thing for me. After many years all that made me unhappy and without consciousness. I felt lost, cause I couldn’t feel myself at all. Katerina was the only person that understood what was happening with my body and without saying anything, through her melting heart, sweetest touch, highest intelligence, knowledge, respect and caring, lead me softy back to my body and connected me with myself. Through her method, SOΜΑ Awareness she reminded me how to love my body again, cherish it and enjoy life once again! Katerina is the biggest and truest whisperer of the body and soul! I have totally surrendered myself to her care, and I cannot wait for our sessions because above all…we have such a joy! I deeply love her and I am totally grateful for her presence in my life…she is THE present!

Anastasia Voutyra
Dr. of Psychotherapy/Counseling

I have been attending Katerina’s SOΜΑ Awareness classes for the past 4 years on a weekly basis. The reason for me doing so, is a persistent mobility problem on my hip joint that significantly stresses my entire body, confines my overall mobility and compromises my mood. Katerina has been dealing with my issue with due diligence and from a high professional standpoint. Her devotion and care, made it possible for me to function this far and to still avoid surgery that doctors recommended for the last 2 years. Through her guidance I have learned to be in sync with myself and my body, realize its needs and ways to take care of it. Katerina is truly gifted at what she does and she has an astonishing in depth understanding of the human systems, adjusts everything accordingly and even after countless sessions, I am still amazed with her skills as well as the results I get. Katerina’s approaches and true care are priceless to everyone that crosses paths with her. She keeps educating herself, enriches her fields of knowledge and she endlessly creates multidimensional healing approaches that people can deeply benefit from. Face yoga sessions with Katerina is a truly fun, exciting and relaxing experience!

Tilkeridou Avgi-Maria

I have been participating in Katerina’s SOΜΑ Awareness  sessions for 3 years now and I can reassure you that from the first moment I met her I felt peaceful, more centered and calm so I trusted her instantly.  Katerina is very talented and her skills impress anyone who crosses her path. The way she treats and works with people are not easy to find. She recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each creature and treats people with kindness and gentleness towards your personality, body and soul. Before, during or after the sessions you will always feel that she takes care of you as you are the only person in the room. Massive and precious changes have happened to my body and to myself in general thought the years that I am working with Katerina. Her field of knowledge is very wide, she keeps educating herself and she offers her wisdom wholeheartedly.

Dr. Kyriaki Pavlou
Ph.D. Molecular Biophysicist

Yoga and SOΜΑ Awareness sessions with Katerina are the most precious boon for me. The awareness of body posture and breath flow changed my physical and emotional realm. The pains constantly became smoother, my breath now is deeper, my sleep is more relaxed and furthermore I have lower eye pressure and better vision. It is really fascinating to feel stress attenuation and natural equilibration of the nervous system. Her classes early in the morning charge with energy my batteries for all the day and so my faint vitality increased surprisingly. Through that lovely journey, I understood that as all the days are not the same, I have to listen and respect my body's voice in order mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment. Katerina's dedication, knowledge and deep love for each of us provoke only magical transformations. Face yoga sessions with her is a game changer!

Maria Karasoula

My first SOΜΑ Awareness session with Katerina was enough for me to deeply understand the real connection between my body, mind and spirit. Our bodies and minds have the amazing ability to be reshaped through a positive mindset and awareness through movement, so our human senses and inner wisdom can bring balance in to our lives. By the end of the session I felt lighter, brighter and definitely freer in body, mind and soul! Thank you Katerina, for guiding me through this wonderful journey within.

Music Producer/ Artist

I am glad and will always be grateful that I took part in SOΜΑ Αwareness signature program. Throughout the whole process, I discovered many things about my body, my soul and their direct connection.

To this day, with every change I experience in my body, I also notice the difference that occurs in it as it transforms; it becomes stronger, more flexible and aligned. I finally allow myself to be free from various beliefs and obstacles of the past that have held me back in my life.

Since the day I started working with Katerina, my life has changed in all levels.

Many great things began to happen one after another, both in the physical and spiritual plane as well. As if magic, all the fears and insecurities began to soften and slowly fade away.  My confidence, creativity, eroticism, body posture, and concentration have changed radically for the better. It is also very important to mention that I felt truly in love with life again. I wanted to be around people again and my talents started to bloom.

All this would not have been possible without the help of my teacher-my mentor Katerina and I consider myself very lucky and grateful to have brought a person like Katerina into my life and with her. It is not often in life to meet someone with the dedication and respect Katerina has for life, for people and the human body!

Her method, her care and the way she feels everything; what the body needs at any given moment is something that fascinates me and creates instant trust towards her, and so I finally let myself dive into the whole process.

With her guidance, knowledge and incredible communication skills, I understood how my body works, how it holds in so much tension, how emotions and thoughts deeply affect it and so on.

I rediscovered how to care and love myself and my body through her. I also discovered how focused and disciplined I am while working with my body. I remembered again what it is like to stand on my two feet, to be strong and face the obstacles that appear in front of me trying to take me away from my goal and to reach the point in my life where I can fully experience myself and all that I love, in order to be truly happy and free!

For me, Katerina is and will be the best teacher I have ever had, and I will believe that for the rest of my life on this earth!

SOΜΑ Αwareness, is her gift to the world, not only to me but to all those who choose to follow this path to take care of themselves through this magical journey within! I can’t thank her enough for this experience; working with my breath and my body totally transformed my life and my perception for life.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I will always be grateful!!


Maria Ramon-Xinaris

I’ve had the pleasure and luck of meeting Katerina through work, we became friends and once I told her about an issue I had in my body, she introduced me to her amazing breathing techniques which worked miracles for my issue. In the meantime, I joined all of her classes, Face Yoga, SOΜΑ Awareness and Callanetics. Well, what can I say other than a big thank you for you coming into my life and showing me all your deep knowledge on body and soul and sharing it with us through your sessions! Grateful!

Eva Valma
Real Estate Agent

Through every SOΜΑ Awareness session with Katerina I feel like I have a second chance to get to meet my body and myself again, in a whole new level. Katerina’s unique craft embodies deep knowledge of the human body-mind and soul connection, loads of love, care and high quality professionalism. She actually cares deeply about each and every one of her students and helps us understand and learn how to take care of ourselves and our bodies.

Amazing breathing techniques combined with specific body movements, can do wonders! I am 69 years old and I finally feel love and respect for my body, I am calmer than ever, injury free, chronic pains are completely gone and I am in a state of euphoria and inner peace. Katerina is a piece of art!

Nikoleta Karadimou
Primary school teacher

I have started working with Katerina on a spiritual level 7 years ago and for the last four years I join all of her sessions, SOΜΑ Awareness, Yoga, Face Yoga and Callanetics because I find her approaches unique and  with amazing results! In every single session, Katerina is deeply focused, indefatigable and takes care each and every one of us with endless love and care. Her patience, confidence and love makes everybody feel safe to surrender and relax. Katerina loves what she does, she is always positive, full of energy and joy and I always feel rejuvenated and optimistic after her sessions.

My body’s bad posture finds its way back to alignment and pain free body posture, my breathing has become a powerful tool to overcome everyday’s challenges, improve my sleep quality, relax my body and ease my thoughts. Every session with her is a true gift for my entire being. I have so much respect for Katerina and am deeply grateful for what she offers to me and to everyone who crosses her path.

Mandy Panourgias
Healer/ Artist

When I first joined Katerina's SOΜΑ Αwareness 8-week program, I was in so much pain that I could barely move. In fact, I had to cancel my first session because I had to get a painkiller injection to deal with my chronic pain. I have tried every therapy that is out there, the top physiotherapists in the country, healers of all kinds from every part of the world for years and nothing worked for me more than a day!  Katerina's method, SOΜΑ Αwareness, is the most beautiful thing I have been given and the best gift I offered to myself. From session one, I felt that I can trust her and let go which is not easy at all. Her genuine care and deep knowledge of the human body can do wonders for everyone that crosses paths with her.

She is a one-of-a-kind Person and one-of-a-kind Healer without question!  Katerina guided me through her process so I can feel alive again inside my own skin, listen to my body, understand why I am in so much pain and of course, deeply love myself and my body. It is a unique holistic method which teaches you how to take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Katerina is priceless and so is her unique method of healing. I have deep respect for people who combine knowledge, technique and put their whole heart and love in something like Katerina does.

Maria Dimaki

It is 4 years since I started working with Katerina and I tell you, she delivers.

I was in a very difficult situation with a lot of body pains. I was scared and I was scary. But she changed all that. Honestly, I could write a whole book for the ways in which my body has changed over the years working her. Her utmost dedication and full support have helped me to get a better understanding of my body. Her breathing exercises and her Soma Awareness method are my favorites.

Easy to follow, are my almost daily practice and the best kind of meditation for me. Katerina's way is so gentle and soothing, that I find myself immediately centered and let go. A unique grounding experience which never ceases to amaze me, how each time I practice with her there is a better, deeper, greater understanding and healing taking place.

Katerina connected my spirit to my body again and with her way, she helped me find mine and now each time I lay my mat on the ground I come back to myself. I am forever grateful and her biggest fan.

Ilias Mouzourakis

During the first session, Katerina asked me how I feel. It was the moment when the most nurturing, gentle, genuine sound with the most clear and pure intention touched my heart and illuminated the darkest cave where I was hidden. It was the moment that for the first time I felt I am not alone and remembered that my body is the truest home I will ever have.

My dear Katerina, you brought me back from a cold and dead place to a warm and beautiful rainforest, my home. You reminded me how to be a baby and a man at the same time and you showed me how to truly care for a soul, starting from mine. Children say thank you through their eyes. My eyes will always say thank you!

Aspasia Vasileiou
Interior Designer

Katerina’s presence has played an important role in my life. Apart from being an amazing teacher, she is also a wonderful person, full of love and respect for people. My experience with her is truly magical. Thanks to Katerina my life has changed for the best and continues to change every day. Her passion, powerful energy and trust in what she does give me strength, confidence and inspiration to move forward in my life. As I started attending her SOΜΑ Awareness I slowly noticed the changes in my body and my breathing. It has become a way of my everyday life to stand and sit the right way and most of the days I am completely pain-free. The breathing techniques Katerina taught me, have become my secret tool and helped me calm down and overcome any difficult situation I face during the day. Callanetics sessions boost my energy and Face Yoga sessions are amazing and truly beneficial. Additionally, and most important of all is that Katerina helps me to actually love, appreciate and take care of my body and myself. Warm thank you and always grateful for your love and openhearted offerings and gifts.

Angela Fylosidou
Administration of Health & Welfare Units

I have been participating in Katerina’s sessions and workshops for more than 3 years now. Katerina is a wonderful person and a remarkable professional. Her caring sense, her deep knowledge of how the human body works, on a multidimensional level and her ability to adjust every movement accordingly for every individual is not something that you find in your way often. Katerina guides everyone with respect, kindness and compassion. I suffered from severe back and waist pain, tried so many things and nothing really worked. Not to mention that I have an overweight issue which made everything more complex. Katerina’s guidance and approaches made a huge difference in my body, my psychology, in my life. I feel relieved, stronger, aligned, confident and full of energy. Callanetics sessions boost my energy levels and make my body stronger in a gentle way, Face Yoga sessions with Katerina are like heaven and her SOΜΑ Αwareness sessions are as unique as her. Works like magic and I would not change it for the world.

Mpekios Ilias & Stavroula Gorogia

Though Infant massage sessions with Katerina’s guidance, our connection with our son improved a lot, got deeper and he still enjoys the benefits of Infant Massage. Katerina keeps educating herself and enriches her wellness and health approaches. She really loves what she offers to people and we feel blessed to cross paths with her.

Stavroula Stoupi

My baby-son ( 7months old) and I, had the privilege to experience Infant Massage sessions with Katerina as an instructor. Katerina welcomed and treated us with appreciation, kindness, warmth and a listening heart. The whole process taught me to have a loving touch, to show respect in my baby’s preferences and responses and also helped my baby to relax and sleep. It was a fascinating experience and immensely positive for both my baby and myself. Thank you, Katerina!

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