Callanetics® by K.K.

CALLANETICS® is a program created by Callan Pinckney in the early 1980s; a proven and highly effective training method, which have transformed thousands of bodies in just weeks, using precise movements. It works the body from inside-out, meaning that every exercise targets the deepest body muscles. The difference from all other conventional exercise programs, as well as the secret to the effectiveness of Callanetics is the Pulse. The Pulse is a tiny, gentle precise movement that is responsible for sculpting and toning the muscles. It is literally like meditation in motion! Everything begins from the pelvic floor muscles, which recruit the deep abdominal muscles as well as the deep intrinsic muscles that support the spine. As these muscles strengthen, they eventually become a stabilizer of the spine and support the whole body.

Exercises designed specifically to target the upper body, core, and of course, legs, hips and rear, plus unique stretching techniques are part of every program. Exact and relaxed positioning, proper body alignment and “pulsing” are what make this method unique and effective. Keeping the entire body relaxed allows deeper work into the muscle fibers and keeps the non-targeted muscles relaxed, which helps provide more energy to the working muscle group. These techniques create very rapid results in drawing the body in and up, as well as providing support for the back, allowing freedom from back pain and improve posture for many students.

My personal and professional experience till now, as well as my teacher’s Katerina Kampougeri, Callanetics teacher for almost 20 years now, show that the method is totally safe, has non-impact and is easy on the joints, tendons, and ligaments, therefore can be practiced by everyone regardless age or gender; of course, we can adjust the level of difficulty accordingly. People with chronic conditions such as back, neck and knee pain, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and lupus, occupational or recreational injuries and so on, find extreme comfort and pleasure during and after the program. Furthermore, even though Callanetics is not a weight-loss program, but as is proven working the deepest muscles of the body which works wonders developing lean, firm legs, lifted and tightened behinds, elimination of saddlebags and downsizing in clothing by a number or two in less than 10 sessions! Remarkable results without diets and extreme workouts.

Callanetics is an exciting, fun and safe method that I really enjoy teaching. At the end of every class, I see smiley faces; vibrant people full of energy and positivity who cannot wait for the next session which is super rewarding for me!

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